Friday, May 14, 2010

The Potato Pouch

I just got this in the mail a couple of weeks ago.  I am loving it!
I can make 3-4 baked potatoes in my microwave in about 8 minutes.  (My microwave takes longer than the suggested time on the bag)
The potatoes come out moist, soft, and yummy!

This is perfect for a busy lady like me!


  1. What a good idea! THANKS!

    I found you over at MMB and I am loving this! My dinners need some big help! I subscribed!

  2. Hey now, this looks fantastic...where did you get it?

    Looks like I could learn a lot from your blog!

    I found you on MMB. I am now following ya, so what out! :) LOL

    Drop by and see me at