Friday, April 16, 2010

Eating the Left-Overs

Does your fridge ever get to lookin' like this?  It seems that whenever we have company, our fridge FILLS up with left-overs.  This happens because I feel bad feeding my visitors left-overs, so I cook something different every night for dinner.  I always cook way to much because I want everyone to get their fill and not have to fight over the last (insert any yummy food item here).

We just had some friends go home after a week-long visit, so it's time to eat all that food that had accumulated in the fridge.  I had cooked a roast on Sunday, so I sliced it up for Au Jus sandwiches.  I added a green salad and some mashed potatoes.  Easy, breezy, beautiful left-overs.  :0)

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